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  Westerns by Monty McCord  
  Mundy's Law by Monty McCord
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Mundy's Law
Five Star-Cengage Publishing

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Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award WINNER
Best First Western Novel


Best Western Novel



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“McCord’s debut western is a refreshing hayburner—with suspenseful, clever plot lines and a steely—eyed lawman every bit as entertaining and lethal as Robert B. Parker’s Virgil Cole.”--Publishers Weekly


"Wild, wooly and well worth the read--Monty McCord's Mundy's Law is judged to be one stand-up western that delivers forthwith."--Craig Johnson, New York Times bestselling author of the Walt Longmire Mysteries, the basis of A&E's hit series Longmire.


“Sprinkling the novel with factual settlements, intricate detail and realistic characters gives it a historically authentic feel.” --Alan J. Bartels, Nebraska Life Magazine.


“Marshal Joe Mundy is chased out of Baxter Springs, Kansas, when, in the line of duty, he kills three men.  He lands in Taylorsville, Nebraska, becoming marshal because of strong support of a local merchant, but with the opposition of others. He quickly establishes himself as a tough lawman who, nonetheless, prefers reason to violence. What’s more, he’s an unprejudiced man who courts a local woman who’s been forced into prostitution. Joe doesn’t judge her. Remarkably, he doesn’t judge anyone; he simply enforces the law. Meanwhile, in the county, it seems a lot of rustling is going on. It’s out of Joe’s jurisdiction except that cheap meat starts to show up at the town butcher’s. When two rustlers come forward to testify, implicating the county sheriff, Joe at last divines how broad the crime is, and the reader knows a showdown is coming. Joe is still more imperiled when he learns that survivors of the Baxter Springs affair have hired a killer to come after him. There’s plenty of action and plenty of suspense, but Mundy’s Law is a superior western because of character development: the beleaguered doctor, driven to drink by a smallpox epidemic; the sly county sheriff; the family of Swedish settlers, who feed Joe when they are near to starving; the prostitute so abused she goes blind and stumbles about drunk and naked; and Joe himself, a generous, responsible public servant who kills when he must, but always tries to find another way. ---John Mort, Booklist STARRED Review 


WWA Spur Award
Best Western Audio Book Finalist 2010

Mundy's Law
First in the Legend of Joe Mundy Series


Mundy's Law

Nebraska, 1876. The western frontier is wild and needs a lawman who can tame it. Joe Mundy is such a man. A veteran of the Civil War and Indian wars, he once wore a badge in the booming cattle town of Baxter Springs, Kansas.

A deadly gunfight with a prominent rancher costs him that badge. He finds his next job enforcing the law in Taylorsville, a new town in the sandhills of Nebraska. The little town is on the road to the lawless Black Hills gold fields. Rustling is rampant. Retribution from Kansas is only one of the dangers Mundy faces as city marshal.

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